dromos – a New R&D & Engineering Service Platform

This is a new Service for Effective & Efficient Technology, Process and Product Development.
With a multinational team of engineers, scientists, project managers, researchers and production process specialists we provide latest know-ledge and expertise in technology, process and product development.
We serve the following branches:
Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Lab Systems, Apparatus & Tools,
Home & Office Appliances, Defense/Security, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Industrial Manufacturing, Oil&Gas Industry, Space&Astro

We are focussed on the following technologies:
Innovation Management, Sensors & Actuators,
Calculation & Simulations, Micromechanics, Clean-Tech, Optics, Optical Measurement Techniques, Image Aquisition, Range-Sensors, Nanotechnology, Semiconductor Packaging, Micro-Optics Assembly, Micro-Mechanical Polymer Design, Optical Vibration Detection, Precision Molded Optics

For further information please contact

Dr. Ulrich Drodofsky
Kreuzlingerstr. 9
D-78462 Konstanz
Tel. +49 7531 368948
Fax. +49 7531 368949

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